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Easy Hacks To Make Any Space Seem Bigger And More Spacious

Space is a luxury that can seldom be overlooked. The need for space has often been a strong driving force for most home buyers.  Bigger home spaces offer more convenience and attribute to greater comforts.  It not only seems aesthetically more indulgent but also offers a wider scope to experiment with newer features and decor themes. However, there are few fun hacks that can be used to make any living space appear larger than what it actually is. Here, in this blog we list out few fun hacks that you can try to make any space seem bigger and more spacious. 

1) Wall storage hanger 

Built yourself a wall storage area where you can easily store daily essentials like scarves, shoes, socks, umbrellas and caps.  To organise it further, you can assign one rack to each member of the family. 

2) Colour me right 

Colours play a crucial role in making any room seem large, airy and spacious.  White walls always look the largest and are an ideal and versatile backdrop.  To further enhance the look of the room, complement white with vibrant shades like coral, cobalt blue or deep shades of red . 

3) Mirror Mirror on the wall

Mirrors not only add a sophisticated charm to the room but also make it seem bigger and brighter.  Choose an ornate or a contemporary mirror and place it on a big empty wall or place it facing a window.  The mirror reflects light, thus giving the illusion of a visually bigger room. 

4) Stripes all the way! 

Vertical stripes give the illusion of height and more definition. Introduce a stripped rug to make the room feel and appear bigger, almost instantly.  For optimal effect, orient the stripes to go the length of the room. 

5) Colour code your shelves 

Colour coding the shelves will give create a structure and render more symmetry. Place items with similar patterns or colour together. You can also group them according to their sizes, type etc. This will make the room feel more streamlined and less cramped up. 

6) Give the overhead lights a miss

Ditch the overhead lights and opt for smaller lamps. Harsh top-down lights tend to pool light in one space, making the other parts of the room seem darker and smaller. Smaller lights on the other hand, if placed strategically, draw the eyes around the room.  Apart from the mentioned points opting for a spacious home space automatically offers you the luxury of space.  Whitefield, by the renowned Shree Balaji Group offers few of the best and spacious 1,2 & 2.5 BHK homes for sale in Sus.  It not only offers a great lifestyle but also few of the most stunning and spacious home spaces.

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